about me

Photography snuck up on me unexpectedly during college and changed the course of my life, taking me to amazing new places and connecting me with wonderful people. Like good jazz, it is instinctual and from the heart. I also love foreign languages, and studied abroad in France and Russia during college. My tastes are somewhat bizarre, ranging from Beethoven to the Blues Brothers, Miles Davis to Hank Williams, Bunin to Tolkien... chances are we have something in common! I'm currently volunteering with Africa Inland Mission as a member of their On-Field Media Team, which travels throughout Africa to tell the stories of the work that missionaries and aid workers are doing there, as well as to shed light on places and situations where human needs are as of yet unmet. I'm not sure what that makes me--photojournalist, videographer, hack writer... time will tell!

I love God, I love the people I meet, and I love what I do. I want to serve those around me with the gifts God has given me, and for my life to be more about Him than it ever is about me.

Come along for the journey, whether you think we're close friends or not. If you're reading this, you're a fellow traveler with me in one sense or another, and you're welcome to check out my blog. Feel free to get in touch.